My Music Pick of the Year!

So I consider myself to be a quite the music junky. I play music for a profession but I listen to music any chance i have. I like all kinds of music. Music is the way to the human heart if you ask me. Nothing speaks louder and nothing penetrates the walls that we build. I constantly am finding new music and most records are just a fad for me. I listen for a while then it grows old and I move on. There are just a few who really stick. those who’s songs go beyond the melody’s of life and become a sound track of the soul. I would have to say this is my pick of the year. “Bon Iver” it is not my normal pick of music cause it is kinda hard to even understand what he is saying. I love deep lyrics. but there is a mood to this record. something very haunting, and lovely. It is not a pop record and it won’t make you move. It is a beautiful piece of art and one of the soundtracks I believe will be with me for life. I love the whole record but “stacks” is my favorite. it is near the end. cheers and enjoy


7 responses to “My Music Pick of the Year!

  • Holly in Oregon

    Couldn’t agree more! Love Bon Iver! Popped over from Kate’s blog. Nice photos btw.

  • Jeremy

    thanks for the recomendation, its different but I like it!

  • Bethany

    Hey, I love your music suggestions. I imagine you have a ton more in that collection of yours that we’d all appreciate becoming a little more cultured by… Mind putting together a top 10 list (or more/less) to share?

  • Stefanie

    Love it! Thanks for the suggestion … Skinny Love is the perfection for me, realy great music.

  • Jen

    Came over from Kate’s blog.

    I’m echoing Stefanie… love “Skinny Love”. “Re: Stacks” is a perfect driving song for a rainy day.

    Not entirely sure whether you’re the type of artist who plays music similar to what he listens to or not. Either way, I dig your music, so you must listen to at least a few good bands to influence you 🙂

    My return recommendation? Andrew Bird. Check out “Scythian Empires”

  • Joel Flory

    You know I always love a good shawn pic. Thanks bro. Hope you are doing well.

  • MacKenzie Wolf

    I’m with you on this one Shawn. “For Emma, Forever Ago” is one of my favorite albums this year. I simply can’t get enough. I really love “Blindsided” and “Re:Stacks” as well. The Myspace Transmission they did a few weeks back is incredible. If you can get your hands on it, I would suggest it. Great live versions.

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