What hides within!


Ok so take a really good look at this. What do you think it is? this is pretty stinking amazing. So for the past couple years Kate would say something to me and well, I would be like “speak up can’t understand what you are saying”. sometimes i would ask her to speak up more than a couple times to where she would start getting really agitated. This has been going on for forever and well I need to say sorry cause I use to blame her for mumbling πŸ˜‰ . Well today Kate was telling me how she had done this ear candle thing and it was really cool, she insisted that we go and get some and try it. So Kate and I meandered down to the store and picked up a couple of these ear candles. When it comes to this kind of stuff I am always kind of skeptical and never really know if I believe it will work. With these things you lay on the ground light them on fire and just wait. kinda freaky really. I kept thinking to myself “my head is going to catch on fire.” They get real hot and some how suck the wax right out of your ears. I am just proud to say that I feel like a new man. I hear so much it is almost over whelming. that brown crap is sold wax. where that was in my ear is beyond me. You must be thinking, “do you ever clean your ears?” Yesss! I clean them all the time. who knows. Anyways I will endorse ear candles till i die.


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