Oh Little Town of Bellefontaine!

I grew up on the west coast in a little mountain town in the heart of Oregon. I was a wild little child with an adventurous type of personality. I loved the outdoors (still do) and I spent a bigger part of my youth in the Oregon wild. I love to fish and would fish a river about a couple miles from my house called the Deschutes River, A beautiful wondrous river placed down in a rocky canyon full of browns, rainbows, and cutthroat trout. It is a hard river to access and it is fly-fishing only making it a dwelling of large fish.

I also lived on a canyon that was full of dark crevasses and caves and miles of cow country. I grew up exploring this land, dreaming up grand adventure, and all the while, trying to be a kid in the midst of the departure of my parents. I know that God was healing my heart, even though I didn’t know him, through the beauty of his creation. 

I lived on the west coast about 30 years and swore I would never leave. I swore I couldn’t handle living somewhere where mountains & oceans didn’t exist. Where stars were so many that they made a cluster of white and the air that was so dry, crisp and fresh you can hardly get enough. 

It is funny how life changes and sometimes takes us to the very places we don’t want to go. I am now living in Bellefontaine OH and well there are none of the things that I love here. The town just got its first coffee shop, and well that is nice but the coffee is still just average. There is never live music, little to none trout fishing, no mountains to climb and defiantly not much to do. I find my self with a lot of time on my hands. The craziest part of the whole thing is that I am the most satisfied I have been in years. I am finding that is better to be where God wants you then to be where you want to be. I am learning that God desires obedience more than sacrifice. I am also learning that I had gotten really distracted by everything around me, and had lost sight of the truest of my loves, that being Christ. I am learn to lay in the bed that Christ is putting before me and finding that his ways are so much better than mine. I have said I believe these things for years but I don’t believe my belief really became a reality until I stepped forth in faith and started handing over my desires. My passion is returning, my heart is softening, my mind is strengthening, my goals are changing, and my life is becoming meaningful. If you wait to step out until you believe you might be waiting a really long time. You see if you already believed you wouldn’t need faith. Faith comes before belief. Sometimes letting go is really hard to do, but let us care more about his will than our own. 

“Trust in the lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6


5 responses to “Oh Little Town of Bellefontaine!

  • Chelle

    Very well said, or typed as it were. My favorite line? “God desires obedience more than sacrifice.” Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts, this stay at home mom needed them today.

  • wanderingmusician

    umm…second coffee shop actually. The Cup has more going on but I prefer Canterbury for the better Java…and slightly better pricing.

  • Amy Arnett (Roeber)

    It’s been really great to read what you and Kate are going through individually. It helps me to be more specific when I pray for the two of you and helps me feel more connected. I also find that I wish I could have been more mature in high school and maybe even reached out to you while we were in high school together. I had no idea what you went through. I would love to see you and hopefully Kate and Co too when you go on your 2009 tour if you come near San Francisco. Your family loves you and is rooting for you.

  • Libertyslegacy

    Run for your life! Get out while you still can! 🙂

    I grew up in those parts and you’re right, there is nothing there…and less to come as the auto industry grinds to a halt. It will be deja vu all over again as the rust belt returns with a vengeance.

    On the bright side, you can get some killer sweet corn when in season!

    Best of luck to ya,

  • Linda

    Would you be courageous enough to write or sing a song like this?:

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