Record #4

So it is that time again. We have been working away in the studio to bring you my forth record. This has got to be my favorite part of being a musician. I love the creative process and the chance to play new music. As usual I try really hard to be different and that means even from my self. I am not a fan of staying in the place of safe. I am always challenging my self to grow and be progressive. So that being said I am trying to prepare you for the record to come. It is not like any record I have made yet so far, but it is not so far you will be like “HUH!” I am extremely excited about this project. I feel that up to this far in my musical journey this is the best project I have every made. Maybe it is because I am so close to it but I really believe in the music I create. I guess you could say this project is Intellectual artsy pop. It is a bit more towards the pop side of things but I hope in a really creative form. I love melodies and hooks, yet I also so love creative thoughts that connect to our souls. So after much study and thought I am bringing you hopefully my best project yet. I will be blogging a lot about this record slowly revealing the heart and thought behind it. I will be making behind the seen videos and fun little here & there’s so please keep in tune to what is to come. I hope all of you well and I pray for our hearts as the human race to find life and life to its fullest form.



5 responses to “Record #4

  • Stefanie

    Shawn, I can’t wait to hear your new record. Your songs have been such a blessing to me. I especially love “Open Me”. I thank God for people like you who have the ability to express the deep longings of the heart with spoken words. Everyone that hears your music in my home or car is “Captivated” by it. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  • beth

    hey, sounds good! can’t wait to hear it!! any idea of when it will come out???

  • Stephanie

    yayee!! Can’t wait to get it!! When is it coming out officially?

  • Jeremy

    can’t wait for the album!

  • Angela

    Hey, I read once somewhere that you like to work with unknown unsigned talent. And I was wondering if you possibly needed any background vocals for your new album. I am working with the worship leader at my church getting her started in music. She is amazingly talented and get a few shows booked with Matt from ECHO. (She would kill me if she knew I was asking this) She sings and makes coffee… I don’t know if you remember her from your show in St. Cloud MN last year in April. She’s the one who took you and the crew out for coffee. Anyway Check her out at Thanks!

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