An Underwater Bliss

I don’t know if I have ever confessed this but I collect rare cichlid. For those of you who don’t know what a cichlid is, it’s a breed of fish that is usually imported from either Africa or South America. Now there are cichlids found all over the world but the types that I like are mostly found in lake Tanganyika in Africa. I love them for their color and weird behaviors. They very territorial fish and do all sorts of dances to gain dominance over the other fish. They are very beautiful fish to watch. I have always loved fish and have had tanks the bigger part of my life. In fact before the whole music gig, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I can stare at fish for hours. I make a trip to the local fish store 2-3 times a week just to see if they got any cool new fish in that I have never seen before and to pick the fish mans brain (AKA Gabe).

Now if you don’t know who Gabe is you need to stop reading this and go back and read the post right before this. And it will answer all your million questions. 🙂

Gabe has got to be one of the most knowledgeable people on fish I have ever met. He knows everything you could think of about them, from breeding to PH to types of fish. He is so knowledgeable that you can show him random pictures of pretty much any fish and he will not only name it off but can tell you its scientific name as well. He must read fish encyclopedias for fun or something. I am way impressed with his fish knowledge. I would go in and pick his brain so much it is how we became friends. He coaches me on how to set up their true habitats so that I can get the best color and activity out of my cichlids and I in exchange am introducing him to the creator of which he is so enamored by.

I think that if I were to be any type of creature it would have to be some kind of fish. Their world to me is almost surreal it is so beautiful.

I find that things like this are the very things that show me that God exists. I can’t stare into this world and believe it just happened, no matter how hard I try. It is just to perfect to be some random act of chance. All are free to believe what they may but for me God is in everything, it is just a matter of whether you look for him or not. I know if one looks long enough they are bound to find the presence of greatness.

I say that next time you are stressed you take a trip down to the local fish store and just stare at the little slimy scaly fishes and let your mind wonder about a world that is different than your own.



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