Tonight I watched Forest Gump and I would say that it has been a long while since I had seen it. I do say a great movie, and I think I had forgotten how good it really was. As I found myself lost in the character of Tom Hanks, my heart fell victim to his simply way of life. Live life honest and full and never look back wishing you would had done this or that. There is something about a good story that brings hope to our lives and stirs something deeper inside of us, or at least in me.

I wept all through the movie, not because of the story of Forest Gump but because of the story of my own life. I was saddened tonight at the fact that I sometimes just shut off. That I let my life go into what I would call, Autopilot. I am coming to the realization that sometimes to face the truth, it hurts, and it hurts a lot, and in order to heal and over come we have to face the mountains that lay before us. Just sometimes it is easier to not feel or least that is the lie that tempts us.

I want to love myself! That is in a way that says that I am satisfied with whom God has made me to be. I am learning that in order to love others we must first learn to love our selves. That until we feel true value of who we are there is no way we can see value in other people. I believe that is why the bible teaches us to love others the way we would love ourselves.

I was talking with a good friend tonight about the way we see ourselves. About how that view alters the way we live and the things we do. If we feel small or dumb, useless or ugly it affects how we act and the life we live. Yet if we feel beautiful and loved we radiate with joy for there is nothing better in the world than to be fully loved. I am trying to let the love of God penetrate my hardened heart. You see I have a hard time seeing the good in myself. I struggle with the view of who I am more than you would ever know. You might think that because I stand on a stage that somehow I am granted some kind of bubble the shields me from all the impaling hurts this life throws at us but it is far from the truth. I am insecure and scared just like the rest of us that is if we really get honest with our selves.

But the truth is that we are perfectly and wonderfully made in the image of God. That regardless of our history and our fault that God still sees the potential of greatness within our human shells. We are the making of his hands and the wonder and glory of who he is.
We are his masterpiece!


5 responses to “Masterpiece

  • Pamela

    Wow! I am so excited to have found your blog. I was just listening to Air 1 and they mentioned your blog and your post about Forrest Gump. My husband and I were just watching it last night as a matter of fact…it’s his favorite movie of all time.

    I was just telling my husband last night that I absolutely love your music…especially your Simply Nothing CD. It is my favorite CD of all time. :O) I came across it about 3 years ago and it touched my heart and soul…as still does…love it!

    Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

    Sweet blessings, Pamela

  • Amy @ Living a Blessed Life

    Praying that your words, and God’s truth, take root deep within your heart. Spring is just around the corner, my Friend! 🙂

  • Jenny

    Wow, I can definitely relate to this. Like the whole thing. God must know what He’s doing because all of my devotions today and then this post have all hit the mark for me. I’ll admit that I’m insecure and scared…especially right now. But I’m going to trust in God and let him help me face my mountains. Going to trust that He is going to continue to work and cut out what is not needed in my life. Going to trust that He is real and present in my life. Thank you for sharing, know that you’re not alone in what you feel. God is using your willing heart. Many blessings!

  • kyla lochemel

    and yet because of the words spoken by Jesus, “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me,” too much meditation on the “self” seem counter intuitive.

  • la4j

    I seen you in Jacksonville, Fl. and felt a depression in the air. I recognize it as I to struggle with love. A wise man told me that “in order for you to fully know and feel God’s love for you ,you have to believe what He says about you. You have to agree with Him”. I have and am struggling with this as you are, and maybe that is why I so identify with your music. It is not easy to be honest with myself or even God for that matter and this has kept me from truly knowing Him, truly humbling myself before him and fully trusting Him. As I read your blog I see you seemed to have found the humility I seek and that gives me hope and encouragement. In April I fasted the entire month and will press on , to know Him and trust Him and I will be listening to your music to help me through, Bless you Shawn McDonald and all you love. (PS I hope you were able to read “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner as Mom recommended.)

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