Jake Smith

I did a photo shoot of my friend Jake smith a while back and thought I would share some of the shots. Cheers

Jake 1
Jake 2


8 responses to “Jake Smith

  • Bethany Vieth

    Love these… Have always enjoyed your photos. Found flickr through you! It has changed my life 😉

  • Angela

    Nice shots! (I’m a photographer and appreciate good portrait work) Jake is pretty talented. I had seen him here in MN when he was on tour with you and Phill Whickham.

  • sherri

    You’ve got a great eye – and you do a really good job with all of the effects you use. Keep up the good work!

  • mom2olivia

    Hey Shawn, I didn’t realize your blog was on WordPress, I was the one who just left you a messege on your Blog and a prayer 🙂 Hope you will be by the blog, and you know your gonna be on my blogroll brother. Your music is awesome!!!!!!!! Your sister in Christ, Robin

  • mom2olivia

    Goodness, I almost forgot, I did a video post of one of your songs on my blog today too that I found on Youtube. Blessings, Robin

  • Jenny

    Nice photography skills! I’m absolutely awful at taking pictures LOL. Praying for you and your family, Shawn. God bless! Jesus loves you 🙂

  • Ícaro

    your a good photographer shawn

  • Trisha LaCoste

    Hey…that’s my friend, Jake! How cool to stumble upon his pics on your blog! 🙂 You’re both so very talented…and definitely two of my favorites. Thanks for being real. It’s a rare trait in today’s world.

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