Trains, Planes, and pot smokings hippies!!

this is another old post that I thought was worthy of a revisit.

So here I am again, sitting on another over filled flight. Unhappy people all around me, you know that feeling of sitting next to some random person you don’t know, with no room to move. All around are babies crying, and “that” little kid kicking the back of your seat. Wondering what am I doing here? Flying has become a way of life for me. Always flying to the next city. Always far from home, in fact home has not been seen now for almost two months. Missing it, missing life when it stood still.

You see life has not always been like this. Music is not something I have been doing for years and years. I never wrote songs cause I wanted people to listen to them. I Just wrote cause it was a way to release all the stuff that is bottled up in side of me. It’s my way of telling God how I feel. I just express my feelings best in song. Maybe that is why you are here. Maybe you felt connected to the words and feeling of the songs and so found your self here, reading my blog. I try to think up reasons of why people listen to my music. There is better music out there. Maybe I have found a fad and well I am here today and gone tomorrow.

Who knows really? Life is so funny sometimes. It’s so unknown. How we go from point A and end up on point B is so beyond me. The journey is so unknown. Maybe that is what makes it so exciting. The discovery of ones self, the Finding of your beliefs and deciding to have faith in something. It is crazy how it all works.

I remember back to the age of twenty and my young carefree way of living. Not really thinking to far ahead but taking life and enjoying it as it came. Life was always an adventure. I had this love to go new places, well had is a bad word to put there cause I still do. So yeah, I love to travel. I didn’t have a car so well I would throw up the thumb and wait for some random chap to say, “Hey I think I want to give that guy a ride”.

It is amazing the type of people that will pick up a random stranger. Usually they are completely crazy or its some hippie guy that had smoked way to much pot, that I was wondering how is it that he can still drive or some girl that was feeling sorry for my baby like face And was like “ he looks harmless” or you no the pastor that was like “I am going to save this random traveler from death to life in the matter of a hour or more”. Those were the typical people that I would encounter.

On this particular day it was a young hippie Kid, and quite an interesting one at that. He was rather high and lacking a lot of sleep so I could tell you that, my life flashed in before my eyes a couple of times. He picked me up on my way to Bend Or. I was heading home to see the folks. He was full of stories and interesting ideas. he kept telling about how if you held a rock and listened to it you could find its energy. He kept explaining to me his way of seeing things and how life was exciting to him. Telling me about his life and how God is real to him. He talked about the rush of jumping into ice-cold water and the shock value that that would bring to ones body. He called it “a natural way to wake up”. As I sat and listen to this guys stories and watch his face light up when he talk about something he really loved, he taught me something. He taught me to live my life with passion and love. That it is better to live positive than to find the negitive in your everyday. That sometimes you can see both but it is a matter of which one you choose to walk in. I might not agree with everything he stood for but that is again the beauty of life. He found joy in the things that God had created. I found that refreshing.

I feel sorry for people that try to put life and God into a box. Thinking they have it all figured out. Thinking that somehow cause they have read a few books they have some corner on life that others don’t have. If life has taught me anything it is that the older I get the dumber I really am. It is by grace that we have walked this far and it will be grace that walks us the rest of the way home.


6 responses to “Trains, Planes, and pot smokings hippies!!

  • mom2olivia

    Shawn, I love your heart and I love your music, I know those 2 are connected in you! I blog for the very same reason why you write songs and sing, it’s a way for me to “get it all out” I hope you will stop by my blog and see What God has been up to. Yes, true, it’s sad that many put God in a box, but I am so glad that I learned how to surrender all and Truely Live For Him! Blessings to you, and keep it Real for Jesus always!! robin

  • Jenny

    I was on your website one day looking for your touring dates, and I came across your blog. I listen to your music because it’s beautiful, I can clearly see your passion and need for God when you sing. A friend of mine told me about your music a few years ago and it was just what I needed at that point of my life. I could completely relate to a lot of your songs and still do today. God has encouraged me so much through your music. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s the best music out there or not, because God is using your willingness to share your heart to reach His children. Your music draws me ever closer to the Lord. Thank you for having the courage to share it with us. You have such a humble spirit 🙂

    This week has been one in which I let myself walk in the negative, instead of the positive. I’m trying to be more positive right now and fully trust in God. It’s cool to think of life as an adventure each day. Thanks for the blog. May the peace and joy of Christ be with you always Shawn!

  • Linda

    We can feel so alone in a crowd, reminded me of this song from the late Jim Croce…

    In Christ,

  • La4j

    I am with you about the “box” thing. It so imposes the limits our on wonderful,limitless,and un-square God. Also people put other people in a box, all the time. If you would have put that guy(the pot smoking hippie) in a box, you wouldn’t have been able to glean anything from him, so kudos to you foe getting enlightenment from wherever,whomever, and however the Lord allows it to come before you!

  • Michelle

    Love your music! I think what you have to say or the stuff you need to get out, speaks to a lot of people. Putting it to music is your “hook” I guess.

    Loving life and people is what it’s all about. 🙂

    And, Bend OR! Woot! I’m in Bend. Awesome, Awesome place. Hope you play here sometime!

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