All I Need Cover!

so i found this today and all i have to say as these girls blessed my socks off!


21 responses to “All I Need Cover!

  • Stefanie

    What a blessing, indeed! These girls make me want to go and get out my guitar that my rusty adult brain just doesn’t seem to have the capacity to learn how to play.

  • Ashley H.

    great cover of an awesome song… my kindergarten class and I rock out to the album this song is on pretty regularly 🙂 thanks for sharing!!!

  • Jenny

    Wow that was beautiful! Thanks for posting this…I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear that song tonight. God bless you Shawn!

  • bethany

    wow they’re really good! who are they?

  • la4j

    WOW,those bathroom acoustics!! Gotta love ’em!! They are so great and I love that song!! What a good job!! It must be a humbling thing for you Shawn, to really see how you inspire. Surely this is just one example, but wow..humble-ness, yes??

  • chelsealaura

    WOW- the girl playing the guitar has an amazing voice! They both did a wonderful job.

  • Kayla

    AH! Shawn, you are an inspiration to MANY, including myself. Thank you for saying “YES!” to God’s gift to you and providing us with great music. I’m SUPER excited to see you in concert someday… maybe with Danen Kane?! (He mentioned that he got to play with you–and was very excited about the opportunity.)

    Well, Hope all is well with music, family, and GOD!
    Love, A friend/fan/Christian Sister

  • Drew

    Wicked. Great cover girls. Keep chasing Him!

  • Stephanie Blake

    That is awesome! What raw talent!

  • Lauren

    hey this is lauren,
    im actually the girl sitting on the ground in this very video 🙂
    this is incredible!
    thanks so much shawn.
    this means a whole lot to us and you’re totally an inspiration.

  • Micaela Erskine

    Hey, this is micaela from the video (the one playing the guitar). I just wanted to say thanks for listening! You are definitely an inspiration to me and my music. Lauren (the other one in the video) and I are always singing your songs!
    Thanks again and god bless!
    Micaela Erskine

  • Lauren

    hey shawn! so it’s 12:36 in the morning and i was just about to go to sleep when i get a text from my friend, Lauren (i know, we have the same name:)), saying that her and my other friend, Micaela’s, video is on your blog and i flipped!! i totally thought she was joking!

    I remember when they first did this song at our church’s youth service one night. No one had ever heard it before, or heard the two of them sing together by themselves. They were amazing and half the room was left in tears, including myself. It’s so AMAZING to see what God did that night and what He’s still doing with this video. Thank you so much for posting this video! They’re both extremely honored and happy to advance the Kingdom in any possible way that they can.

    Goodnight and God bless!
    – Lauren.

  • Cindy Broaddus

    Those are girls from our church! We’ve really enjoyed listening to them sing. They both are very talented.

  • Jennifer

    I know the one playing the guitar, and she is an amazingly sweet young lady of faith. She is blessed with such a beautiful voice!!

  • someone who loves them

    They did an AWESOME job….GOD shines thur them no matter what they are doing…love you girls…

  • Ryan LaPerle

    Thank you Shawn, We have mutual friend in South Carolina(Kelly). I hope all is well with you. I hope I did, a version of you song that you enjoy.

    Thanks man and god bless,


  • Emily

    OMG those Girls are my Best friends! I am so excited that everyone liked them singing!!!

  • Ícaro

    this was brilliant…

  • Barbara Sell


  • Melissa

    Those girls gave the chills!! Can’t go wrong with Shawn McDonald!

  • Sue Fowler

    Ryan, your Shawn song is so beautiful!!! Keep it up!!

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