Welcome to 2011!

Well it is 2011! By god we made it. Not really sure what we made but we are here, a new year. Now I assume that everyone is always asking you what your new year resolution is, and when I hear this I kind of cringe, maybe it is the lack of come through of the resolutions I have made in the past or the fact I get a little disheartened at things that come out of a place of deed rather than need. But the idea of a Resolution is great if you think about it. We are choosing to lay down the bad things we possess in exchange for something new and of value. The come through is not always as consistent as the want to come through, but success never comes without failure of some sort. I have been thinking this over for a few days and trying to come up with something in me that I would like to see change and be different, I guess I will share with you where I decided to land my plane.

My Resolution~ is to stop trying to be cute and clever and start to be more intentional and true.

I think that we live in a time where is it somewhat in to be “cute” and  “clever”. The clever little one-liners that trick others into believing we are cuter than we really are. Twitter and Face Book are notorious for this. We try so hard to think up little lines that are designed not to change people or their lives but to self market ourselves and get people to believe in a shallow idea of who we really are. Now please don’t miss hear me, cause I don’t really think it is wrong to be cute or clever, for me it is a matter of heart and truth and motivation. If our motivation is to woo people into our selves then I feel it is something that we should take a deep look at, but if it just a reflection of who we are and our hearts are pure, then well so be it.

I am trying to just stand in truth of who I am and stop worrying if people like me or not. The reality is that there is always someone who doesn’t like you. That is the beauty in difference. People see things differently than the next, and so cycles the ever changing world we live in.

I pray over this blog and my songs all the time. I never want to be just a noise that drowns the truth from people’s lives. I want my life to have purpose and meaning, and hopefully by the power of a fiery eyed Rabi who sacrificed his life so that we could find a road worth traveling upon, you will find life here as well. What ever your new years resolution is let it be done with intention and truth. Welcome to 2011!!


9 responses to “Welcome to 2011!

  • Katie

    I love your honesty and questioning of something that is so engrained into us from society. A good friend once told me, “Why are you trying so hard to please people? You only have to please One, and His mind is already made up: He loves you.”


  • Kelly Stevens

    intention and truth…I think that is the most honest resolution I have heard.
    My resolution is to be real to myself and others as well as loving myself and others. My family has been through so very much the past couple of years, and the hurts from lack of love both on my part and on the part of others have brought me completely to the end of myself and wondering where to go from here.
    intention and truth…that is what I want in my life, it is where I want to go with my life. Thank you Shawn for your beautiful transparency!

  • Linda

    I want to be more faithful and true to God this year no matter what comes my way.

  • Yolanda

    Inspiring. =]

  • kktoday

    Definitely something we should all be aspiring to. I have a lot of goals and to-do’s- not just because it’s the start of a new year either. For this year specifically, though, I’m committing to memorizing 24 verses (2 each month) and reading through the Word. I want to be mindful of Him and His Word as I go through my days. I don’t think I could live intentionally and in truth without doing that first. Thanks for sharing, Shawn.

  • Jason

    I agree, unless the cute one-liners come from the Word. In which case, we use the medium that exist to share the Good News, however we can…I still like your resolution better than mine! I am resolved to be where God calls me to be on time, and no where he doesn’t want me to be anytime.

  • Priscila Tobbin

    Hi Shawn, I liked a lot your article about (nome do artigo) was very interesting and inspiring! I am Brazilian and I studing in a Worship Seminary (Diante do Trono, Training Ministerial Center). Our teachers always motivate us to compose music to be reflected about faith. Nowadays, in my opinion, people are more concerned with theirs images than proclams the truth evangelism about Jesus. I agree with you, ” My Resolution ~ i to stop trying to be cute and clever and start to be intentional and true ” lives. I Admit that I heard their albums for the first time this week, when I translated their compositions, I found in them an inspiration source!!! God continues blessing you and improving the good work that began in you.

  • aprilmidori

    Certainly have always considered you as someone who is intensely sincere, but I completely know what you mean by the temptation to be “cute and clever.”

    Your honesty is always refreshing and I appreciate your willingness to be raw, both is song and written word. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

  • M

    Your blog is refreshingly honest Shawn. I have been reading through your posts and have felt the same pain you so vulnerably share. Thank goodness Jesus gives us the Grace and Love to get through it all. Praying for you!

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