Love wins

I woke up this morning with a very heavy heart. Yesterday might have been one of the best days I have had in a really long time and It’s ironic that a hard day would follow an intense day of joy and peace, almost as if there is some force that wants to steal away any kind of blessing we find in life. I find this to be true more than not. I was reunited with someone that is so dear to my heart, that the fact of them not being part of my life would be the death of the life I feel inside. As I sat there and listened to his story’s and all things he was learning I had almost forgotten that we hadn’t seen each other in over a year. His eyes beamed as he told me he loved and missed me. I felt like a man who had been given water after wondering around in a blazing hot desert for years. I couldn’t get enough nor did I want it to end.

who ever said “life is easy” must have been smoking something wacky, cause by no means is it easy or fair. Life is cruel sometimes! Sometimes it makes no sense at all, And what’s even harder is to stand up and walk even though we are bruised and hurt badly. To choose forgiveness over hate and anger, and to trust that there is something bigger fighting on our behalf. I once heard a wise man say that “there are two kinds of people, those who play victim and point there finger at everyone else, and those who point the finger at themselves and choose to own their story, and get up and learn to live within it”. I pray that I am the second. I just want something tangible, something that is real. The ability to trust that I haven’t been given more than I can handle.

As we hugged and he held on for a bit a deep sense of hope arose in my heart! In the end the truth always wins. In the end love always wins!


2 responses to “Love wins

  • Linda

    Amen, true love never fails…

  • Jenny

    This is an old blog, but I’m just reading it now. Shawn, I really relate to what you’ve said here. The part about a force stealing away any kind of blessing we have. I understand the feeling when things start to look up and something good happens & you have a great day, but then you have a setback or an awful one (couple) after that. And so much lately, I too have felt that life doesn’t make any sense. I agree it’s hard to do things when we’re bruised & hurt. And so hard sometimes to forgive and not be angry. Love does always win though in the end, so true! Great post, hope you are doing well. Wish you the best Shawn!

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