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I made a cool little video of cohen! thought I would share! hope you enjoy



Was looking back on old photos of Cohen and found this one. I love this little man.


Christmas Cheer!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tubby tub tub!

So Cohen has decided that his favorite pass time is the bath tub (gets that from his mommy). He would literally stay in the tub all day if it wasn’t for his ever so growing hunger. Cohen loves to eat and as much as bubble taste good, string cheese and pickles are about the only thing that is better. He was taking a bath yesterday and I decided i couldn’t pass this one up. hope you enjoy this as much as i do.



Would you stop taking my picture. this is a personal time for me dada!


what do you think about facial hair!


num num!

4Just checkin to see if it is all there! 😉

Like Daddy Like Son (ok and mommy too)

Can you tell who is who?

Cohen Reid McDonald


The top is well my beautiful little boy Cohen Reid McDonald and the bottom is me.

kinda fun! at least I think so. 🙂

Mommy brought to my attention that she gets some of the credit! 🙂 I think she might be right.