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The “What If”

Well its been a really long time since I blogged. And when I say a long time I mean upwards of 6 years. Writing for me is sort of a way for me to vent and release my thoughts on this thing we call life. But that’s just it. “Life Happens” and then the darkness sets in, the fear whispers to us, and the silence follows. I started believing that my life had nothing to offer. Fear robs us of who we truly are, who we can become, who we want to be. Fear is a THIEF! We sit in the shadows believing we have nothing to give. What if I try and I fail? What if I give it my everything and it just isn’t good enough? What if? But what if it’s not about any this. When we were young we ran in to everything Wide Eyed and Open armed. Maybe it was because we had not felt life’s sting yet. Until life truly happens we feel as if we are invincible. But any of us that have gone through the darkness know this to not be true. We are truly frail beings.

The last few years have been scary. Some months not even knowing how we will pay our bills and just when I think it can’t possibly get any scarier it does. The life of a musician and creative is not for everyone.

What is this dream I’m chasing with all of me? Is it really worth it? Am I only seeing what’s on the other side of the fence? What is this passion that is burning so bright in me? Why can’t I just quit? But we all know that if we give up on our dreams then apart of who we are will die as well. See it’s within our dreams that hope and faith birth. We pursue because of the “what if?”. I have never wanted to be famous. Fame scares me to death. I don’t write music so I can be an entertainer. It’s hard to entertain and be honest! Song writing is healing for me. At the end of the day we are only accountable for our own lives. Its not a competition to be better than others but a hope to be the best version of our selves. And maybe in being the best version of ourselves we will help others find theirs.

As I pursue a new record, I’m faced with a lot of questions. What will this moment look like? What will these songs sound like? I wish I could fully answer these questions but I’m not sure I will be able to until I’m in the thick of it. I know one thing though. It will be honest and human. It will be full of darkness and light. I am moving towards Organic sounds and production. I don’t really care if these songs make it on the radio. I would rather someone just give them to a friend then chase corporate formula. I hope they heal! I hope they are full of life.

The reality of making music is that it takes a lot of resources, and up until this point I have never really thought twice about it because I had a Record Label funding all of it. But that is not where I am at today. It’s just me now. No one is helping. So that is why I’m reaching out to you. I need your help and the fear in me says don’t ask. I’m not looking for a hand out. I’m asking you to join me and believe that greatness is possible. That when we put our whole hearts and minds into something that beauty will be the final result.

Thanks so much!


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All I Need Cover!

so i found this today and all i have to say as these girls blessed my socks off!

In The Studio!

here is a short clip of cutting the strings on one of the songs for the new record. hope you enjoy

Record #4

So it is that time again. We have been working away in the studio to bring you my forth record. This has got to be my favorite part of being a musician. I love the creative process and the chance to play new music. As usual I try really hard to be different and that means even from my self. I am not a fan of staying in the place of safe. I am always challenging my self to grow and be progressive. So that being said I am trying to prepare you for the record to come. It is not like any record I have made yet so far, but it is not so far you will be like “HUH!” I am extremely excited about this project. I feel that up to this far in my musical journey this is the best project I have every made. Maybe it is because I am so close to it but I really believe in the music I create. I guess you could say this project is Intellectual artsy pop. It is a bit more towards the pop side of things but I hope in a really creative form. I love melodies and hooks, yet I also so love creative thoughts that connect to our souls. So after much study and thought I am bringing you hopefully my best project yet. I will be blogging a lot about this record slowly revealing the heart and thought behind it. I will be making behind the seen videos and fun little here & there’s so please keep in tune to what is to come. I hope all of you well and I pray for our hearts as the human race to find life and life to its fullest form.



So a Couple Weeks ago I had wrote about my favorite record of the year and someone asked me to list a group of maybe ten favs. So here you go. These are 10 records that I think are stellar and yet you might not know about them. Enjoy!!!!!!








shayes_fs_lg1Sean Hayes




My Music Pick of the Year!

So I consider myself to be a quite the music junky. I play music for a profession but I listen to music any chance i have. I like all kinds of music. Music is the way to the human heart if you ask me. Nothing speaks louder and nothing penetrates the walls that we build. I constantly am finding new music and most records are just a fad for me. I listen for a while then it grows old and I move on. There are just a few who really stick. those who’s songs go beyond the melody’s of life and become a sound track of the soul. I would have to say this is my pick of the year. “Bon Iver” it is not my normal pick of music cause it is kinda hard to even understand what he is saying. I love deep lyrics. but there is a mood to this record. something very haunting, and lovely. It is not a pop record and it won’t make you move. It is a beautiful piece of art and one of the soundtracks I believe will be with me for life. I love the whole record but “stacks” is my favorite. it is near the end. cheers and enjoy