The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

I watched “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” last night I would say it was a quite interesting movie. Very different and kinda long but a movie I was glad I saw. I loved the Cinematography in the movie. very beautifully shot. Anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts?


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


8 responses to “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

  • Heloísa Zambianco

    The idea of the movie is so cool, a little weird, but nothing that a good professional to make everything almost perfect.

    A hug.
    And a kiss.

    Sâo Paulo/ Brazil

  • Shaun

    Dude I watched, totally agree. I couldn’t believe how seamless the CGI was in that movie. It was so well done and the story was so good that the CGI just blended. We watched in Blu-ray and it was awesome with a capital AWE. Take care.

  • Nia

    It was an awesome movie! It was also sad! But i enjoyed it!

  • Jen A

    I agree…a little long but worth it.
    I just discovered your music while surfing around you tube. You have been blessed with some serious talent! Hope that you are enjoying your summer with that adorable little guy! God Bless!

  • Mark

    Ugh. Great premise but…sooooo boring.

  • Bebhinn

    Well, I watched it on a plane when I was on my way to or from Hong Kong.. (that and about 9 other movies…) and i thought it was a nice love story– although it is kind of hard to get around the visual part of it. The old man baby, and young old man… It was very creative though.

  • Kelly Stevens

    I would love to see you blog more :o)


  • Grant

    I know this isn’t the best place for this comment, but I couldn’t leave one on the Myspace page, so here goes… I went there (as did many others, it seems!) after trying the DDD website, iTunes, and everything else I could think of looking for the song “Closer” and struck out again… the world needs that song *now*, not later. Please make it available to your fans!

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